Habaha is a series of products of Ganzhou Zaokang Trading Co., Ltd, Ganzhou Zaokang Trading Co.,Ltd Located in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China, Ganzhou Zaokang Trading Co.,Ltd , is a high-tech industrial and trade enterprise engaged in research, development, production and sales of series products of hookah charcoal. Taking advantage of Bamboo leftover bits and pieces, Ganzhou Zaokang Trading Co.,Ltd has invested over 20million yuan gradually and has developed into a leading company in the deep processing and R & D field of ” HOOKAH CHARCOAL ” in China, and also the only agricultural industrialization enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and R & D capabilities in Ganzhou City. As a level-A enterprise, Ganzhou Zaokang Trading Co.,Ltd obtained the right of import and export.
Ganzhou Zaokang Trading Co.,Ltd focuses on brand building, technology and management investation, and has a professional R & D, production, management and sales team. Obtained 12 national patents, and successfully implemented 3 times technological transformations, promoting the iterative upgrading of production technology from pure manual, semi-automatic to full automation, and developing a series of natural, environmental friendly and healthy HOOKAH CHARCOAL, such as silver charcoal, golden charcoal, cubic charcoal, finger charcoal, tunnel charcoal, BBQ charcoal, etc., which are highly competitive in the market. With a yearly capacity of 6000tons total , Ganzhou Zaokang Trading Co.,Ltd’s products feature in regular shape, uniform pores, high density, strong hardness, good thermal conductivity, high calorific value, strong flammability and flame resistance, HOOKAH CHARCOAL smoke and peculiar smell when burning, and little ash powder and water, which are favored by Arabic customers in the Middle East. The market prospect is broad and the development potential is huge. The products are 100% exported to Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Turkey, Israel and other Middle East Regions, obtaining good reputation among customers.